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Writer, Author and Podcaster at Chronicles of Livin
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My name is ADionne and I am a "Dream Pusher" who loves helping people discover their purpose in life and hidden potentials. Also I love exploring life and the world, learning and doing new things keeps me excited about the future. Please take a look around and if something inspires or encourages you, please comment and share. Remember you are never too old to pursue your dreams!

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COL Life – Chronicles of Livin’ Life

Life is Life

“The Skies the Limit!” Is a phrase we’ve all heard at some point in our lives, in some cases many times? I have even been guilty of quoting it to people as a form of encouragement. But in reality, many can never walk in an attitude of such confidence and courage. Many are stuck focusing on their current state of being as if they are apart of a painting that was never finalized by its painter. “Life is a Struggle” is another popular phrase you may hear repeated more than once. Which in various cases can be true but the outcome of the struggle is up to the receiver’s perception of what they consider to be a struggle. There have been numerous occasions where two people can be facing the same problems but react differently causing a different result. How can that be possible you ask? Well, it depends on the level of peace, assurance and spiritual connection one has.

Case in point: I had a friend call me crying historically because they had just cut her electric off. Rightfully so she had no money to get it cut back on and was concerned about her kids coming home to no electric. Not to mention there was a good chance all her food could go bad. I myself at the time didn’t have all the money she needed but by the grace of God I was able to call another friend to pitch in and we were able to get her electric back on the same day.

A few months later I lost my job and was faced with the same situation. But instead of crying, I made light of the situation by documenting by videotaping a segment on how to survive with no electric. I was a single mom just as my friend was but decided to take a different approach to the situation. I couldn’t cook so my son and I ate peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches by candlelight as we filmed the video. During that season of my life my son and I would experience the water and the gas shut off. Never the less I take out my video camera and documented, “How to survive without water and gas”.

Instead of my then 9-year-old son and I let those moments overwhelm us with misery, we turned it into a fun project. A few years later we were faced with the same situation. This time we decide to play cards and board games by flash and candlelight until we fell asleep. The next morning I was able to get the lights back on.

Problems come and go throughout life it’s just up to you how they are handled. Some use drugs or drinking as a way of escape. Which I never understood, the same problem will exist after their high wears off.

Point: We have the power within our mind to decide what brings us joy and sadness. People always tell me how much of a strong woman I am. But the truth is I do cry sometimes or get a little sad, I am human so I have emotions too. It’s just I realize when you are faced with circumstances beyond your control you need to keep a sense of calmness and peace. Then you can think clearly on how to approach the problem with the best solution possible.

If you’re so upset that you can’t think straight the problem will remain or get worst.

Another way to look at your problem as minimal is to know that there is someone that is always worsted off than you. Now while that’s not a good thing, when you remember the homeless person asking for spare change you walked by at some point in your life should make you appreciate the life you have more.

Many people want to shelter their kids from storms including me. However, as I look back I praise God that my son was with me to experience the storms together. My calm reactions to the problems allowed him to understand that problems are as big as you give them the power to be. Also, that life is full of ups and downs and you have to work hard to keep your life in an up status. In addition every now and then problems can be out of your control yet again it’s your reaction to the problem that decides the outcome.

Everybody has a story to tell about their lives rather it’s bad or good. And everyone thinks their story is the most intense when it comes to storms they have endured. The truth of the matter is it’s all how you look at it for example and before I draw the picture I want you to have an open mind. But let’s really analyze what I’m about to say. Ok, let’s say you have two men and understand, I’m just using men in this scenario because I just used two women in the story prior. So as I said two men the same age let’s say about 35 years old. Both of their lives are going great they both have a couple of kid’s good relationships, middle class and all the material things money can buy. And one day everything changes for both in the same way but due to different circumstance. Ok, let’s give them names for the sake of keeping up with the story. Man one name is Ken and he has been the manager of a high-end hotel for 15 years and Joe is man two he is a mortgage broker for the same amount of time. Well, business hasn’t been going too great for both men’s occupation, as… a result Joe started tampering with his clients’ paperwork in order to make extra money from his deals. And Ken decided to work an extra job that only paid him 30% of what he was making at the hotel to aid his financial decline.

Well on the same day Ken’s boss gave him a pink slip with a thank you for your years of service and an apology letting him know the hotel was bankrupted and had to close. Ken was devastated he had no plan B all he had was his second job that paid 30% of his income. And filing unemployment would take some time. Ken immediately started looking for work but unemployment was the highest it’s ever been in his town so it wasn’t an easy task even with all his experience. Many jobs denied him because they felt he was overqualified. Meanwhile, Ken was going into debt fast his house was up for foreclosure and car was up for reposition although he was only a few years of completing his pay off for both. His wife was a stay at home mom to save on the kid’s daycare bill so by the time unemployment begin he was so far in a hole he couldn’t see any end to his tunnel.

While on the other side of town Joe received a visit from the Feds and was taking away from his job in handcuffs because of embezzlement and was sentenced to 5 years in prison. Due to his chain of events, Joe too would be faced with the challenges of his home and lifestyle falling apart out of his control. His spouse tried to keep it together but between the kid’s needs, never-ending bills and her only making half, the income Joe brought in it was impossible for her to bear.

Two men facing the same situation under different circumstances. The difference is Ken remains free to continue to fight to better his state of affairs. He and his spouse were able to work together to downsize and start life over but it toke them three years to get things back in order. But through the storms, they never gave up on hope acknowledging how materialistic things are not as important as they once place so much value on. And now because of working through to storm together as a team, they have a closer bind living out the true meaning of for better or worst. They are also better at budgeting their finances and saving. Most importantly they don’t try to keep up with the Jon’s as they say!

Meanwhile, Joe is in prison and although he is concerned with his spouse and kids there is nothing he can do financially. Joe’s spouse couldn’t forgive him for his irresponsible decisions and moved on with her life. Nevertheless, he begins to take classes for certifications and diploma programs the prison has to offer. Joe also enrolls in counseling sessions to help him become a better person for his kids when he is released. Although prison was a place he would never dream of being and anybody wants to be, it was there he was forced to face the man he was and worked hard to become a better man. Joe was introduced to God in prison and discovered his purpose in life. Therefore when he was released in four years for good behavior; although he would come home a single man, he was a better man and ready to be a better father.

As you see again out of tragedy can come triumph if you keep looking forward to life. Realize your past is for you to learn and grow from and focus on the difference you want to make with your kids, family, friends, the world, most of all in yourself! For the reason that at the end of the day while both men lost everything they worked for they gain acknowledgment of self and purpose. Which is something money can’t buy!


ADionneYour Dream Pusher

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