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Writer, Author and Podcaster at Chronicles of Livin
Welcome and thank you for visiting.
My name is ADionne and I am a "Dream Pusher" who loves helping people discover their purpose in life and hidden potentials. Also I love exploring life and the world, learning and doing new things keeps me excited about the future. Please take a look around and if something inspires or encourages you, please comment and share. Remember you are never too old to pursue your dreams!

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World Encourager and Motivator

Since I was a little girl I was always told I talk too much LOL. Teachers, family and friends would all atest to that. Some appreciated the things I had to say and some didn’t. But one thing that they would all agree on is that I always encouraged and motivated others to pursue their God given gifts and purpose in life. Now that I have finally found my balance in life I plan to motivate and encourage the world! So if you like what you see and hear from my blog and podcast, I would love to speak at your event. Visit the Contact page to reach me.

The Start of IT All

This is the live video that started me on my journey to my life purpose. I challenged myself to go live on my FaceBook page for 30 days straight, no matter what I looked like or what happened throughout my day! I challenged myself for a few reasons; to let go of the mindset of letting life get in the way and worrying about what people think of me. And the rest you will learn in the video. I started the challenge June 8, 2017, the top of July, I started rebuilding my old Blog, and getting Chronicles of Livin Podcast Show together. And August 13th was my first Podcast show. I started from scratch, no subscribers or listeners I just did what was in my heart to do. Now 5 months later since June, by the Grace of God, I have created a new Blog and the Podcast is streaming on 11 different platforms. Also, I have many Blog Scribers and Podcast listers!:) I’ll tell you this, as my son says, “Just Get Started!”Once you finish watching the video, I challenge you to start investing more time in your Dreams and Visions so that you too can, “Do The Damm Thing!” And live out your Life Purpose!

Remember Who You Are

I have always found in my heart, my main life purpose is to help people raise their vibration and energy so they can become their Higher Self. To understand that we are all here for a purpose and we must work together as the powerful begins we are, to make this world a better place for us and the generations to come. Therefore, I will be sharing information on this blog that will open your eyes to the reality of what is really going on in this world. My prayer is, all who are still sleep will wake up after exploring this Blog and Podcast.


MY STORY – ADionne “Your Dream Pusher”

About me, well, where do I start there is so much I could tell you, but I am sure you would be overwhelmed with my life, I know at times I am. I could start off on a professional level and talk about what college I went to and how I have many degrees that qualify me to give you advice. The truth is I did not experience the college campus life. I received a design/tailoring certification through trade school. And started college for International Business and Web Coding after my son was born, but never got a chance to complete the full degree.

So I will just tell you enough so you can get to know and connect with me in the most real way possible. And as I write my Blogs I will be sure to give you more insight about me through some topics. I was born and raised by a single mother with whom I love dearly and I am very close with; in an urban area of the city. My birth name is April Dionne Williams (ADionne) and just to let you know, that is something many do not know about me! For the fact, since I was young many called me Livin’ or Liv’ a nickname that stuck because of my personality. I’ve always been the most energetic out my crowd of family and friends. I was labeled as the crazy ambitious risk taker, dreamer, and visionary that some could never seem to understand fully. But at the end of the day, I guess it’s not meant for everyone to understand me, heck sometimes I do not understand myself:)

I have an awesome teenage son that means the world to me, who also loves writing and computer programming. A Goddaughter who I love and claim as my own, that is very creative with knitting and writing poetry and two grandkids that I truly adore. And a wonderful Godson who blessed me with another grandson. I also have a few other God kids in whom I love but don’t get to see as often! In addition, I have two amazing brothers, I am the baby and six wonderful nieces and nephews. After having my son, life changed. There I was, a single mother like many others trying to give him the best life had to offer. Striving to be the best parent in the world. I was unable to give my dreams my full attention so I put them aside. Which today I can honestly say it was all worth it!

Although my son and I have been through many struggles and I’ve sacrificed so much, as a result I have been blessed with the most astonishing young man that I would want on my team. Putting him first has made me more humble, patient, understanding and wiser. It also challenged me to work in jobs and industries I would have never thought to get involved with; from catering, hospitality, sales, marketing, financial, teaching, foster parenting and even technology. Throughout it all I have always been a natural entrepreneur, so when friends would call me the question would be, “What project are you working on, now?” Although people still call me Liv’ or Livin’, and might I add, I had the name before Olivia Pope (Scandal!:) However, my attitude is very much like hers; in the case that I am a problem solver and fix it woman for many.

In my later years, I’ve become known as a “Dream Pusher.” As a result of all the many hats, talents, gifts and experiences I’ve been blessed with and able to share. I mean, I have lived in 20 different places and I’ve had over 20 different occupations throughout my life. As a youth, I was heavily involved in sports writing and music. Going into my teens I added dance, modeling and fashion design to that list. I went on to design and make clothes for people while I pursued a career in the music industry and TV hosting. I even went as far as starting a music entertainment company with a full staff, CD, video etc. After those seasons of my life, I got involved in the financial corporate world as a Loan Officer, Notary and Insurance Producer which sharpen my marketing, advertising, and sales skills. Although I have learned many other skills, I am currently in love with various areas of the Holistic Remedies and the Technology field; in which I am mostly self-taught. 

Therefore while I might not hold a Masters or PH.D. I have a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and experience with life, health, wealth, and relationships that money could never pay for! As a result, I decided that through this Blog, my Books, Vlogs, and Podcasts I can reach millions of people and stop them from making unnecessary mistakes, give encouragement, motivation, or help in guiding to success. We as people can go years without knowing our true purpose in life. Fortunately with the unconscious help of my son telling me that he believes starting a Blog would be a great way to share my talents and knowledge. I finally think that all my risks, struggles, and sacrifices were well worth it!

My current goal is preparing to go tiny living in an RV for a year to travel the world. This should be the next step expected since I have so much experience with moving around:) I believe this is the next natural chapter of my life. I feel it is perfect timing for such an adventure, with my son in college and God kids living on their own. I am FREE to live a new life and take you all on this amazing adventure to come…

As I reflected on my life I realize my biggest gift is acknowledging people’s potential and helping them put the right tools in place to reach success. And that always brings me joy. Therefore I think that’s why I titled this Blog site “Chronicles of Livin.” So this Blog will be full of tools we can all share to become better individuals for our family, friends, careers, the world and ourselves!


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