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Your Dream Pusher

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Writer, Author and Podcaster at Chronicles of Livin
Welcome and thank you for visiting.
My name is ADionne and I am a "Dream Pusher" who loves helping people discover their purpose in life and hidden potentials. Also I love exploring life and the world, learning and doing new things keeps me excited about the future. Please take a look around and if something inspires or encourages you, please comment and share. Remember you are never too old to pursue your dreams!

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Your Dream Pusher

The Purpose of a Visionary Dreamer

A dreamer is known as a visionary or idealist, a person with foresight. One definition of visionary: Tending to envision things in perfect but unrealistic form. In other words, visionaries or dreamers are viewed as people that want to accomplish things that the average person views as impossible.

Do you know so many people die with their purpose locked inside them? At first, we think well, that’s on them but really it’s a loss for the lives they were assigned to effect! Think about it this way Dr. Martin Luther King was a great man that made a massive change among people, the world and the order we live by today in so many ways! Why, because he walked in his dream and purpose fighting for freedom by all means no matter the cost? He had a dream, no question in who believed, supported or came against him. He knew what God placed in his heart and was willing to walk it out the best way he could. Martin was talked about, laughed at and threatened but still didn’t let any of that distract or discourage him from his assignment and purpose!

Nelson Mandela is another great man who has affected the world in a major way also, adamant about his vision and purpose for freedom. So much that he lost time with his family behind it. The majority of his life was spent in prison (27-28 years); still, he fought and believed through all the torture he endured. Nelson was faithful in trusting the purpose God put on his heart as well, believing it would soon come to pass if he continued doing what he was capable of. Although, beyond bars, so many would have given up and used that disadvantage as an excuse.

So the ending results; while Martin was assassinated
in the midst of his assignment he’s dreams still came to light. For the most, there is no legal difference inequality of black and white people. Well yes, we still live amongst prejudice people but, now a day’s that can be against any race or person if you know what I mean? The fact is we went from black and white separation signs in public places to a Black President no matter who agreed with that decision. Although our real first Black President was John Hanson in (1781-1782)
Guest, we weren’t supposed to remember that! Anyway, President Barack Hussein Obama reminded us that anything is obtainable through hard work, belief, and perseverance… No matter how many doubters and haters you have!

Meanwhile, Nelson survived came out of prison in his elder years still with a right mind, healthy and the best thing of all became president of South Africa. This courageous bold, humble and confident man saw his vision come to pass plus along with Dr. Martin Luther King won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993 and President Obama would go on to win in 2009 WOW!

Please note I’m not talking politics so don’t lose sight of the message at hand because of your personal opinion of these men. My point in this entire if you haven’t figured it out by now; I wonder where would we be and how would it be had these courageous men not followed what God purposed them to do without buckling! Deep isn’t it! Or add up all the people that benefited off of just three or should I say four men visions, how many lives were touched and affected in so many positive ways.
How many people lives were spared because, of new laws and opportunities that some of our grandparents or great-grandparents didn’t have or couldn’t dream of back in the day, it’s so crazy right? When you really look at how powerful one person’s purpose can be it’s almost scary to think we allow silly and selfish things to get in our way and distract us from pursuing our dreams and visions!

Now I would be wrong not to reflect on women following their dreams. Let’s take Oprah Winfrey for example. Yes, there are a lot of great women as well that have unleashed spectacular purpose from their lives. Nevertheless, the reason I picked Oprah is that she is one of the most powerful women of this time. She didn’t let her abusive past hold her back from pursuing her gifts and visions. Also, she was persistent to make her dream become a reality regardless of all her storms, obstacles, doubter, and haters. As a result, she now owns her own TV/radio network and film company that has allowed a countless number of dreamers and visionaries to walk in their purpose.

So imagine if Oprah would have given in to most telling her visions were impossible or she let fear, pain or un-forgiveness from her past permanently traumatize her? There would be so many assignments unfulfilled. Think about it since Oprah’s visions came to pass she was able to assure an abundance of dreams becoming reality. Between TV shows, radio, film and all that come with them such as actors, actresses, directors, cast crews, writers, stylist, makeup artist etc; all are employed and making a living doing what they love. And even better there are millions of viewers being entertained, inspired and informed through the shows and movies on her network.

Oprah even helped Tyler Perry by allowing his shows to air on the Network. In whom is another powerful visionary that exceeded enormous pain and obstruction with perseverance. And was able to aid in employing a countless amount of dreamers to work in a field they are gifted and love. He takes his hardships and poured it into a story after story to entertain the masses with relevant reality.

Can you see why quitting or losing sight of the gifts, talent, and purpose God placed in your heart should not be an option? Do you see how it would affect so many people in so many ways?

I was guilty of not walking in my purpose for years making foolish redundant mistakes, allowing people and my trails to become distractions. Wasting valuable energy on people that meant me
no good, worrying about the lies that were told to me, betrayal; trying to appease everyone’s opinion of who I was and they’re approval of my God given gifts. Depending on help from unreliable people and folks I thought believed in my gifts but later would find out there were strings attached in favor of their help. I let the thoughts of being out of the music industry for so long put fear in my heart. Although I was blessed with talent sometimes I didn’t recognize I was fighting a form of low self-esteem. I had to pray for confidence and boldness to walk in my purpose. Then, the Lord showed me at the end of the day I’m hurting myself, being selfish; harboring my dreams and visions, hurting the people God has assigned them for! Who knows the healing and encouragement one can receive from my words, music, and testimonies! All the hurt, pain, disappointments and people taking my friendship for granted have made me stronger than ever. Since God has given me grace and peace to forgive and let go. It seemed like each trail or storm I would walk through God would bless me with a new talent naturally that so many have to go to school for. Throughout the years he has expanded my creativity from entertaining and technical to corporate. A few years ago I was computer illiterate now I can build websites, edited video and recently ran a fashion and media program for kids. Although I went to school for design and tailoring years ago, I never had any technical training before building my first website and producing/editing my first video. It was just something I needed so I toke the time to read and study about it. Then, later on, would get guidance from a couple of friends.

Now in the midst of writing this book, I understand why God blessed me with all the new gifts. It was for the purpose of delivering this project through utilizing all my talents and experiences altogether. To inspire and present to the world and that in itself is so amazing to me!

So when you think bad things and bad people keep happening to you it’s only to make your skin tough for the people and things that really matter for a successful purpose! In that process God is draining all the junk out your spirit as well that continues to hinder you from being your best! Living in this life it’s not about us individually, however, what we can offer to make this world a better place!

I challenge you whatever gifts, talents, dreams, and visions God has placed on your heart that won’t leave pursue them to your best ability and allow God to do the rest! Trust me even if it seems impossible just pray for wisdom, grace, knowledge, and confidence God will give you what you need to make your purpose come to pass!

So, Stop Making Excuses get away from “dream stealers”
as Paula White would say; get away from negative people and addictions. Examine your life see what you can change within you and pray for God to change the rest. Cut off people that are draining your energy or distracting you; everybody can’t go where you’re going rather its family or friends you can still love from afar! Also, if they truly love you, they will support your decision and respect your time to focus and pursue your vision. And that’s how you find out who’s really in your corner! I know it might be hard but your purpose is far more important. Think about this when your end comes you’ll be the only one standing there answering for your actions, not them! I pray you become the best mom, dad, singer, dancer, organizer, activist, sectary, scientist etc. I’m sure you get the point. Just follow your heart set some goals, completion dates and let Go for it. Oh’ and get out your own way!

Proverbs 19:21 Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.

Proverbs 20:5 The purposes of a person’s heart are deep waters, but one who has
insight draws them out.

Adionne – Your Dream Pusher